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Business Consultation

Nonlinear makes businesses scalable, productive and predictable by incorporating best practices and innovations in
business operations (BizOps) and automation



A portfolio of customized SOPs deployed to make your business run consistently



No-code/low-code & automation technologies designed to make your team productive and business scalable


Work Culture

The philosophy and initiatives to create a self-driven, collaborative, problem-solving team


Metrics, KPIs & OKRs

The ability to track goals (OKRs), understand performance (KPIs) and monitor underlying drivers (metrics)



The ability to instantly visualize and analyze your business from 30,000 feet to 3 feet


Change Management

The right approach to getting your team to buy into the changes and pursue a common goal


Nonlinear Delivers

Bar Chart

Level 1

  • Time

  • Money

  • Effort

Get more value out of your resources through the right processes and automations

Nonlinear Outcomes

Level 2

  • Clarity

  • Consistency

  • Culture

Understand your performance and reduce variability through the right metrics, analytics and mindset

Level 3

  • Growth

  • Predictability

  • Scalability

Get your business to scale through the right OKRs, levers and org. structure

Nonlinear Is Ideal For Businesses That Are...

Business Consultation
Problem We Solve

Align Your Business From Top To Bottom

1. What does the business want to do?

Vision, strategy, goals & objectives

2. How should the business run?

People, processes, tools & technologies

3. How should the setup be?

Knowledge, configurations, automations, integrations, dashboards

4. How can we ensure success?

Rollout approach, change management, culture


Is Unique

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Levered Productivity

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