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Double Your Sales Productivity In Weeks

Same Leads. Same Price.

2X The Revenue.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Most business owners face similar challenges when it comes to running and growing their sales teams.

"Sales performance
varies a lot"

"Team is too slow to act on leads"

"My data is on countless sheets, emails, WhatsApps"

"I am constantly following up to get updates"

"I am not getting return on my sales investments"

"Team spends a lot on time on manual work"

What is the best way to increase sales?

Hint: It isn't increasing team size, no. of leads OR price

Improve the 5 key sales funnel metrics
to 2X your sales


% Contacted

How many leads is your sales team able to meaningfully contact?


% Qualified

How often and how well does your sales team qualify leads?


% Interested

How many of your qualified leads reach the stage of strong consideration?

Improvement 4.png


% Converted

How many of your actively interested leads convert?


Time taken to convert

How long does it take to convert a lead from contact to payment?

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